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Cut Wire shots

Cut wire shot is produced by cutting wire into lengths equal to the wire diameter.
If required the particles are rounded to remove the sharp corners.
The sharp edges of the cut shot may also be useful, in case of additional cleaning requirement.

Improved Consistency: Exhibits highest consistency in terms of shape and size
Highest Durability: Has a wrought internal structure with almost no cracks, porosity, etc.
Low Dust Generation: Our Cut wire shots exhibit the lowest dust generation rate
Improved Part Fatigue Resistance: Our peened parts and specimens exhibit higher average and consistent life as compared to those peened with equivalent cast steel shot
Lowest Surface Contamination: Unlike other media, our shots do not leave any residue or Iron Oxide coating over the particle surface

Technical specification:
Steel 0.10 mm - 1.60 mm 
(.0039 inch - .062 inch) Low Carbon Cut wire 
shot Grade I 
High carbon Cut wire 
shot Grade II & III < 35 Rc
45 - 55 Rc
55 - 62 Rc < 350 HV 
446 - 595 HV 
595 - 697 HV
Stainless Steel 0.45 mm - 1.60 mm 
(.017 inch - .062 inch) Grade 302/304 Cut Wire 
Special Sys Cut wire shot Min. 45 Rc
Min. 35 Rc Min. 446 HV 
Min. 350 HV
Aluminum 0.50 mm - 2.00 mm 
(.020 inch - .080 inch) Grade 5053 Cut Wire 
Shot - Full Hard 
Grade 1100-1345 Cut 
Wire Shot - Full Hard SOFT N/A
Zinc 0.61 mm - 3.35 mm 
(.024 inch - .1319 inch) Commercial Quality Pure 
Zinc Cut Wire shot SOFT N/A

Our cut-wire shot is certifiable to the following specifications:

IS:5873 arrow AMS–2431/8
MIS–S–13165 arrow SAE J441
AMS–2431/3B arrow VDF 8001
As per customer's requirement