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Free Cutting Wire

Product description:
Free Cutting Quality Wires are wires with improved machinability, smooth surface, and strict adherence to chemical composition. They are used in manufacturing of shafts, spindles, screws, bolts etc.

Bright and smooth surface
Addition of 'Sulphur' for better machinability
Maximum straightness and cut – to – length.
AISI 303, 416, 420, 430 F.

Technical Specifications:
Diameter (mm) Grade (AISI) Tolerance Tensile Strength(N/ mm2) Packing
1.60 – 3.00 303 DIN h9 700 – 850 Coils / Pattern laid Coils
3.01  & above 650 – 800 Coils / CTL at orders
1.60 – 3.00 430 F DIN h9 600 – 750 Coils / Pattern laid Coils
3.01  & above 550 – 700 Coils / CTL at orders
Please Check with us for specifications not listed above

Special care is taken to ensure that the product reaches its destination in ‘mill fresh’ condition. All precautions are taken to ensure sea worthiness.

Our standard packing of Wires is HDPE packing and we can further customize it as per customer’s requirement. Supplies are also made in Euro Coils / Cheese Coils and 'Wooden reels and metal reels'.